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At Digicze, we help enterprises reimagine their business for the digital age, accelerating transformation by leveraging modern best-of-breed technologies and proven practices that will…

Reduce IT Cost

Protect against Threats

Invest in Innovation

Modernize the Workforce

Improve Outcomes

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IT Consulting firm that leads transformational change for enterprises


Tailored solutions and expert guidance for cloud adoption, security, and architecture, optimizing performance across various cloud platforms and facilitating seamless migration and transformation. - Cloud consulting - Cloud Security - Cloud Architecture


Multi-layered defense strategies ensuring compliance, governance, and robust protection against cyber threats, safeguarding critical assets and maintaining secure operations - Cybersecurity


Innovative AI-driven solutions for workplace automation and business process optimization, harnessing cutting-edge technology to drive efficiency and productivity. - Enterprise Architecture - Global Networking - Infrastructure Automation


Strategic planning and implementation of scalable enterprise architectures and global networking solutions, enabling seamless connectivity and facilitating sustainable growth. - Artificial- Intelligence


Specialized staffing solutions and cost-reduction strategies aimed at augmenting IT teams, ensuring optimal resource allocation and operational efficiency. - IT Staffing - IT Cost Reduction

Success Stories

US Healthcare Company

Improved Outcomes Leveraging Hybrid Cloud

Invested in innovation by using the cloud. Moved electronic medical records to Microsoft Azure’s secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud, allowing patients to access their health records through MyChart from anywhere and from any device.  Integrated Amazon Alexa technology to improve patient care. Enhanced network resiliency and security with Equinix solution connecting multiple hospitals.

Global Retail Consumer Packaged Goods Company

Reduced IT Cost

Conducted application assessment on existing Hybrid cloud.  Recommended a strategy to reduce IT costs and improve network security by leveraging micro-segmentation.  Rebuilt and rearchitected Microsoft Azure applications which saved 30% on IT cost.

US Healthcare Company

Protected the Business Against Threats

Conducted application assessment on existing Hybrid cloud. Moved electronic medical records and other healthcare applications to Microsoft Azure HIPAA-compliant cloud to improve the customer experience. Used a single pane of glass to make it easy to get intelligence and proactively alert the business on cybersecurity threats. Leveraged an integrated security mesh architecture utilizing Fortinet virtualized net-generation firewall servers and Azure firewalls.

Global Consumer Packaged Goods Company

Invested in Innovation and Increase Visibility

Conducted application assessment on existing Hybrid cloud. Moved specific applications to the Microsoft Azure cloud and leveraged data in the Azure tools to provide visibility into IT costs.  Leveraged this data to make future investments aligning with business KPIs. Streamlined business operations, improved server uptime and reduced network latency by interconnecting on-premise Equinix solution with applications in Azure.  Increased visibility and reduced security vulnerabilities.

About Digicze

At our company, we harness our deep technological knowledge to craft innovative solutions and services that revolutionize experiences and enhance lives.

We firmly believe that merely having cutting-edge technology, modern solutions, or groundbreaking products isn’t enough unless they contribute to a remarkable experience.

Our primary emphasis revolves around being agile, adaptable, and swift, ensuring a constant focus on delivering top-notch solutions efficiently.

  • Mission - Empowering digital evolution through cutting-edge Infrastructure, Security, and Architecture autonomy powered by AI, Digicze pioneers the art of transformation. Our mission, encapsulated in 'Get DIGI With IT,' is to redefine digital transformation strategy, emphasizing outcomes that streamline costs and simplify complexities. Specializing in a diverse range of services including Cloud Consulting, Security, Architecture, Cybersecurity, IT Staffing, Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Architecture, Global Networking, Infrastructure Automation, and IT Cost Reduction, we're dedicated to shaping a future where innovation meets practicality, and technology enhances every facet of business.
  • Digicze empowers digital evolution through AI-driven Infrastructure, Security, and Architecture expertise. We redefine digital transformation, prioritizing cost-efficiency and simplicity. Specializing in Cloud, Cybersecurity, IT, and more, we shape an innovative, practical future for businesses.



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Healthcare/Life Science

Energy/Oil & Gas